Senior Services of Southeastern Virginia (2018)

Senior Services of Southeastern Virginia (SSSEVA)

Norfolk, Va. 

Senior Services of Southeastern Virginia (SSSEVA) offers comprehensive, coordinated programs that assist seniors, their families and caregivers in South Hampton Roads. In particular, SSSEVA is looking to improve efficiency in delivering health and related services, such as equipping seniors to better deal with their chronic health conditions, so that hospitalizations may be reduced.

With the $12,500 2018 grant, SSSEVA was able to expand its “EnhanceFitness” program to three more sites in South Hampton Roads. Both seniors and their caregivers are included in these programs so that both can improve their physical fitness as well as engage in socialization activities. SSSEVA will also include medication checks to determine if the number and types of medication can be reduced through physical activity.

Bill, a significantly overweight senior, was referred by his primary care doctor to the EnhanceFitness program. When he began, he was using a cane and a walker due to low endurance, respiratory issues and back pain. As a result of his participation in the program, he is now cane and walker-free and able to walk longer distances without getting short of breath. He lost weight and reports that he is happier, more confident and feels a sense of belonging to a community of his peers.

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