Rebuilding Together/Arlington/Fairfax/Falls Church, Inc. (2019)

Rebuilding Together/Arlington/Fairfax/Falls Church, Inc.

Fairfax, Va. 

Established 30 years ago, Rebuilding Together/Arlington/Fairfax/Falls Church (Rebuilding Together AFF) partners with about 50 other organizations each year to mobilize volunteers and contractors to make critical home repairs for low-income homeowners in Northern Virginia. In addition, Rebuilding Together AFF will assist nonprofit organizations, that help those in need, to ensure they also have a safe place to work.

Rebuilding Together AFF was awarded $10,000 for its Rebuilding Together Express program which is designed to address safety and health hazards in the homes of low-income homeowners, with a specific focus on helping seniors safely age in place. Small teams of 4-5 volunteers typically work 4-5 hours on each home and spend about $400 – $500 for materials to correct 30 health and safety hazards common in older homes. Fall safety is a top priority, with grab bars, double stair rails, comfort-height toilets, and brighter lighting leading the list of repairs.

A senior couple in Northern Virginia wrote the following after work was done on their home:

Thank you for the generous hearts, the skills and the sacrifices in helping us live in a safer and more efficient home. The railing has helped us get to and from the second floor without the usual struggle. The grab bars help us get in and out of the showers safely. The outside faucet has been repaired. Faucets for the kitchen, the upstairs shower, the 1st floor bathroom sink are brand new. The patio screen gives us free flowing air on a good day. The new kitchen light, fire extinguishers, smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, anti-slip paddings… we must have just won the lottery!

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