Newark Senior Center (2019)

Newark Senior Center 

Newark, Del. 

Established 50 year ago, Newark Senior Center (Center) serves more than 4,000 members by providing resources and opportunities for growth in body, mind and spirit. Seniors can improve fitness, engage in life enrichment and socialization options, and make use of transportation services. Additionally, caregivers of persons with dementia can take advantage of much needed respite time.

The Center was awarded $10,000 in support of its transportation program. There are 4 bus routes throughout the Greater Newark DE area that pick people up at their homes and bring them to the Center 5 days a week. In the most recent fiscal year, 16,000 rides were provided to 155 individuals. The transportation program allows participants to socialize with their peers, access valuable programs and services available at the Center, and maintain independent living in the community. In addition to its other offerings, the Center offers a day program for persons with dementia, “Meeting of Minds”. The transportation program enables the caregivers of the program participants to have extended respite time during the day knowing that their loved ones are in a safe and stimulating environment.

In the first half of 2019, the Center has provided more than 1,200 rides per month. Over three-quarters of the riders report that as soon as they get on the bus, they feel less lonely and are more willing to become more active and engaged. One rider commented to the Executive Director that since she has started using the transportation program to become more involved in the Center, her life has “come alive”. Her family members have noted this as well, commenting that when she is with them, she is far more animated and engaged than before using the transportation program.

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