Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless (2019)

Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless

Rockville, Md. 

The Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless (MCCH) was incorporated in 1990 to respond to the growing number of people experiencing homelessness in Montgomery County, Maryland. What began as a three-person organization now has 150 staff members serving over 1,600 homeless men, women and children annually. The mission is to ensure that homelessness is a rare, brief, and nonrecurring experience by focusing on ending homelessness for one distinct population at a time.

MCCH was awarded $10,000 to serve clients age 55 and older, who formerly experienced homelessness, to ensure they remain stably housed. The housing stability of older adults can be threatened by a wide range of needs related to aging. Grant funds will support urgent needs such as medication, dental co-pays, therapeutic shoes, shower chairs, safety grab bars, walking canes, dentures, compression socks, biohazard needle boxes, blood pressure cuffs, orthotic braces, and transportation to medical visits due to age-related inability to use public transportation.

A. became a paraplegic over 15 years ago due to a work-related accident. Because of his disability, he could no longer work and was forced to move in with his parents. When his parents passed away, A. was left without a support system and fell into the experience of homelessness. Fortunately, he connected with MCCH and was one of the first residents in Seneca Heights Permanent Supportive Housing program. As A. has gotten older, his health has deteriorated and leaving his apartment became a struggle. Special transportation was provided so A. could go to medical appointments and thereafter was qualified to receive free transportation through MetroAccess Paratransit, which provides specialized transportation services to those with disabilities. A. is now able to travel whenever he wants and has become more independent. A. needed major surgery recently and he received a number of items from MCCH to help him recover, including dietary supplements, vitamins, and adult diapers.

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