Heart of Virginia Free Clinic (2019)

Heart of Virginia Free Clinic 

Farmville, Va. 

The Heart of Virginia Free Clinic (HOVFC) was organized in 2010 to provide primary, non-urgent medical care to uninsured residents of rural central Virginia. Its medical staff is comprised of volunteer physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, pharmacists and volunteers. Clinics are held weekly and specialized programs, such as a Women’s Clinic and Breast Health Program, are also offered.

HOVFC recognized that many of its patients, particularly those over 50, had poor dental health which negatively affects overall health and well-being. A grant of $6,950 was awarded to help increase the ability of 10 patients, over 50 with chronic illnesses, to improve their general health status with better nutrition. These patients will be supplied with dentures, which will improve their ability to eat whole grains, vegetables, fruits and high fiber foods, in turn helping them manage their chronic illnesses.

Among others, three women in Farmville have had their lives changed because of their new dentures. Phyllis had her teeth removed a number of years ago but could not afford full dentures, the partial dentures she did get never fit properly. Pam is thrilled to have dentures that actually fit.

Rachel, a nurse’s aide, has had problems with abscesses and pain in her mouth, nine teeth had to be removed. After being fitted with her dentures, she returned to the Free Clinic in tears because she was so pleased to have new teeth.

Carol had her teeth removed due to the lack of dental care and the effects of diabetes, her husband has similar problems and also had all of his teeth removed. For years, the couple lived without teeth, due to the lack of financial resources. Carol, who qualified for this grant, is pleased with her new dentures; fortunately, her husband was able to qualify for a different program so both can look forward to a much-improved life.

To learn more about Heart of Virginia Free Clinic, visit https://www.facebook.com/Heart-Of-Virginia-Free-Clinic-133772319971852/.