GraceInside (2019)


Richmond, Va. 

The ministry of GraceInside is transforming lives, families and communities. GraceInside’s mission is to provide and coordinate ministry, including advocacy, justice and humane treatment for adults and juveniles in Virginia’s state prisons. The Commonwealth of Virginia is the only state in the country that does not provide funding for chaplains in correctional institutions.

In 2019, GraceInside will use its $15,000 grant to fund an increase in programs and ministry provided through the chaplaincy office to the older, infirmed men incarcerated at Deerfield Correctional Center. The portion of the chaplain’s time, funded by this grant, is targeted to individual care to those men in the infirmary, those living in the Assisted Living Facility, men who are dying and incarcerated men who have experienced the death of a loved one.

The chaplain met Mr. K. at South Hampton Hospital while making his rounds and knew there was something special about him. It was in the way he spoke and received the prayers that were offered to him. The chaplain discovered that Mr. K wrote Bible Studies and the chaplain was able to use those studies with the men at Deerfield Correctional Center. About a month later, Mr. K was transferred to Deerfield Infirmary and the chaplain was able to contact Mr. K.’s dear friend, Ms. R. Ms. R. would transcribe Mr. K.’s Bible Studies, put them in print, and send them to the chaplain for use in the chaplain’s ministry at Deerfield. As Mr. K.’s condition deteriorated, he could not see very well and the chaplain would read to him, take notes and send letters to his loved ones. Mr. K. died in May 2019. The chaplain commented that Mr. K. never asked for much but gave all he could. His life and testimony touched the chaplain’s heart and he lives on through the Bible Studies he so willingly gave to the men at Deerfield.

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