Food & Friends

Food & Friends

Washington, D.C.

Founded in 1988 in the District of Columbia, Food & Friends began in a church basement with 20 volunteers to deliver meals to friends and loved ones dying from complications due to AIDS. Over time, services were extended into Virginia and Delaware and the mission was expanded to include people living with cancer and other life-challenging illnesses who could benefit from specialized meals and nutrition counseling.

With the support provided by the grant of $12,500 for the Critically Ill Seniors program, 832 Food & Friends clients, age 65 and over, received either home-delivered meals or Groceries-to-Go, which consists of grocery items, fresh produce, and frozen meals. Clients could also participate in one-one-one consultations and cooking classes to help clients and caregivers better manage eating habits and behaviors.

Sandy, whose vivacious life has been overcome by Alzheimer’s Disease, is cared for by her daughter, Pearl, who has a significant mobility impairment. Both also suffer from high blood pressure. Before Food & Friends, Pearl had to rely on cabs to take her to the grocery store. Now, with regular deliveries of food that is specifically tailored for persons with hypertension, Pearl has said: “I can just reach into my cabinet, and get what I need to prepare the meal, and it’s done. This has saved us financially.”

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