Capitol Hill Village (2019)

Capitol Hill Village 

Washington, D.C. 

Capitol Hill Village (CHV) is the second oldest and largest Village (a naturally-occurring retirement community) in the United States. It serves over 800 older adults by building a community that supports seniors aging on their own terms. CHV’s goals are to provides care services to support older adults to stay well by fostering volunteer, social engagement, and learning opportunities. Unique among Villages in the United States, CHV serves low income older adults.

CHV was awarded $7,500 to strengthen its work in low-income housing communities in three ways. First, CHV seeks to increase the use of willing volunteers to enable the residents to more fully engage in the life of the community, particularly by offering transportation. Second, CHV plans to increase participation in care services including connections to social services, health access and other tools to ease problem solving for older adults living independently. Finally, CHV will encourage increased participation in education and wellness programs.

Capitol Hill Village (CHV) collaborated with Capitol Hill Towers, one of its low-income housing partners, to put on an event to encourage Capitol Hill Towers residents to venture out of their apartments and rekindle their interest in Hand Dancing. Hand Dancing, also known as D.C. Swing, was created by D.C. dancers in the 1950’s. The dance is recognizable by its continuous hand connection as well as smooth, fluid footwork. Hand Dancing became the city’s official dance in 1999. While expecting only 10 – 15 residents to participate, over 50 came. A Capitol Hill Towers resident and CHV member emceed the event, took music requests, talked about the history of Hand Dancing and encouraged the more hesitant participants to get on their feet to dance in place. Due to the popularity of the event, CHV and Capitol Hill Towers are working together to make this a regular event.

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