Beginning with the 2020 grants, the Board of Directors has changed its funding philosophy with regard to the length of grants. The Board would like to encourage both shorter term and longer term funding, depending on the purpose of the grant.

  • If an organization has never received a grant from Impact1890 or its predecessor, the Community Impact program, it can apply only for a grant of one year.
  • If an organization has received a prior grant from Impact1890 or its predecessor, it has the option of applying for:
    • A grant of one year, or
    • A multi-year grant of no longer than three years. If the proposal is for two or three years and the proposal is favorably reviewed, the Board reserves the right to award a grant of a shorter period. A multi-year proposal may request the same award amount for each year or variable amounts. Note, however, that years two and three of funding are contingent upon making reasonable progress toward the stated goals of the grant.

There is no longer a three-year cap on the number of years that an organization can receive a grant.

Grants have ranged in size from $1,000 to $22,000.

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