Grant Cycle


1) Proposal period

Impact1890 is no longer accepting proposals for the 2020 year. Check back for information on the 2021 proposal period or sign up for email updates here.

Impact1890 utilizes an online system to collect proposals, review submissions and manage follow-up reports. Generally, we make the proposal form available in early June and close the form in late July. All proposals must be submitted via the online platform; Impact1890 does not accept proposals submitted in any other manner. Creating an account is free to you and will be utilized for any other follow-up reporting needs. Learn more about our proposal process here!

If you have questions regarding the proposal process, please visit our FAQ page.


2) Review of proposals

Timeline: August through mid-October

Staff review every proposal to ensure the basic requirements are met—geographic location of program/project, tax status of organization, and purpose of proposal is to serve older adults. In addition, the organization’s social media presence may be reviewed. The Board may also ask Impact1890 staff to provide preliminary funding recommendations.

The Board of Directors use a number of criteria in evaluating grant proposals to determine the grant awards. These criteria include, but are not limited to:

  • Whether the grant submission proposes to meet at least one of the areas of need in a measurable, meaningful and substantive way
  • Whether the cost is reasonable in achieving the stated outcomes
  • Whether there is a reasonable possibility that the stated goals can be met, looking at such factors as organizational infrastructure, financial accountability, governance, expertise, staffing (including volunteers) and planning
  • Whether the awards are geographically diverse so that as many areas as possible of the defined territory are represented
  • Whether there is a variety of types of programs so that no one type of program is over-represented
  • Whether the proposal focuses on those who are the most in need, particularly those with limited financial resources 
  • Whether the organization has plans in place to secure on-going funding for the project should it be successful in receiving an Impact1890 grant


3) Notification of grant awards

Timeline: November

Announcements of whether a proposal is funded and at what amount are shared via e-mail, in November. All applicants who submitted a proposal will be notified. Should an applicant not receive a grant, it may contact Impact1890 and request to speak with the Executive Manager. 


4) Grant acceptance

Timeline: early December

Successful awardees must also agree to the provisions of the grant award letter and the standard terms and conditions. All required documents will be included in the notification of your grant award and are submitted through the same online system used to submit your proposal.


5) Distribution of funds

Timeline: January or December 

Organizations awarded a grant will receive funds in late December or early January. 


6) Site visits

Timeline: March through June

Each year, we are immensely grateful to the hospitality of board members, employees and/or volunteers who take time to share their work with Impact1890 staff.

The Board of Directors and staff of Impact1890, find it important to meet one-on-one with each grant recipient. Site visits provide an opportunity for Impact1890 to deepen our understanding of and appreciation for the impact organizations are having in the lives of seniors, as well as surface potential problems. 


7) Mid-year reports

Timeline: early June to mid-July

For one year grants

The mid-year report is an opportunity for grant recipients to share highlights and stories that reflect the impact their work is having on the lives of seniors. These stories are shared with the Impact1890 Board of Directors and featured on the Impact1890 website.

Organizations that have received more than $5,000, are also asked to share about the progress they have made towards the stated goals and objectives outlined in the original proposal form. Upon receipt and review of the mid-year report, the second distribution of the grant award is processed.

For multi-year Grants:

Recipients of multi-year grants will be asked to submit a mid-year report that can be used by the Board of Directors in assessing whether the next year of funding will be awarded. However, recipients of multi-year grants will not be required to reapply for year 2 and year 3 funding.


8) End-of-year reports

Timeline: early December to mid-February

For one year grants

The end-of-year report is the final step in the grant cycle. Similar to the mid-year report, the end-of-year report provides an opportunity for grant recipients to share their successes and any unexpected challenges from the year. Impact1890 also asks all grant recipients for feedback about our grant program so we can continue to improve our support of organizations serving seniors.

All grant recipients are expected to complete a final report by mid-February; any funds remaining must be repaid to Impact1890 unless an extension is granted.

For multi-year grants:

At the end of years one and two of a multi-year grant, grant recipients will be asked to submit a short report reviewing the activities of the prior year and anticipated progress that will be made during the upcoming year.